Grocery Store Lockdown

About the Game

Grocery Store Lockdown is an app by© for all of your devices. The games is a grocery store theamed tower deffence game. The goal is simple all you do is create towers to keep the aliens from getting out of your store.

How To Play

To play Grocery Store Lockdown all you have to do is tap on the pictures of towers or in this case food items and use the in game money to buy them. then after taping on the tower you want you tap and hold it and then drag it to your dwesired location. After that you can buy more towers, upgrade your towers or sell ones you dont want to get some money back. When your ready you can tap the start level button to begin, but be carefull if you dont tap it befor the timer goes to 0 it will just start on its one. Most important save when you want to so you can reload where you left off if you lose all of your lives.

Where to get it

The Grocery Store Lockdown mobile app is avaible for free on all android devices on the Google Play Market or on the Amazon Android App Store. If you have an Amazon Kindle Fire you can get it free on the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire.