Riddle #1

Q- How far can you walk into a forest?

A- Half way

Riddle #2

Q- What get dirtier when it gets whiter?

A- A chalkboard

Riddle #3

Q- What has no corners and no middle?

A- A donut

Riddle #4

Q- Imagine your in a box and there is no way out. How do you get out?

A- Stop imagining

Riddle #5

Q- Pretend you are a bus driver. 100 people get on. Then 20 get off. Next 1 and a half people get on. Then 50 get on. What is the bus drivers eye color?

A- Your eye color

Riddle #6

Q- What can you drive that has no stearing wheel and can fly?

A- A golf ball

Riddle #7

Q- What runs for miles and miles but, has no legs and 5 eyes( I's )?

A- The Mississippi River

Riddle #8

Q- You are in a room and there is no way out. All that is in the room is a mirror and a table. How do you get out?

A- You look into the mirror. You see what you saw. Then use that saw to cut the table in half. 2 halves make a whole. Jump through the hole and you get out.

Riddle #9

Q- One knight a king and a queen get into a limo. The king gets off at a bar and the queen gets off at the mall. Other then the limo driver who is in the limo?

A- The Knight